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We profile people from around the world, who all run for different reasons.

Published On 8 Apr 2018

A personal look at the funeral industry and how a traditional family-run trade is being overtaken by big corporations.

Published On 12 Oct 2017
Death in the Family - AJ Correspondent
Video Duration 48 minutes 30 seconds

What does it take to make a Bollywood movie? A personal journey into the fascinating world of Indian film.

Published On 27 Sep 2017
Gautam Singh - My Own Private Bollywood pic 3
Video Duration 47 minutes 37 seconds

One in four people will suffer a mental illness, but will they all get the care and treatment they need?

Published On 22 Oct 2015
Al Jazeera Correspondent (Victoria) - Please do not use
Video Duration 49 minutes 03 seconds

Al Jazeera’s Caroline Radnofsky explores the legacy of her grandfather, the man behind the iconic Apollo 11 space suits.

Published On 15 Oct 2015
Al Jazeera Correspondent - Putting Man on the Moon - with logo
Video Duration 48 minutes 08 seconds

Follow the incredible journey of Asadullah Rahman, the youngest inmate to be held at Guantanamo Bay.

Published On 8 Oct 2015
Video Duration 47 minutes 09 seconds

A personal look at how the country’s railways reveal so much about Japanese culture and the changes in society.

Published On 1 Oct 2015
Off the Rails - A Journey Through Japan - title logo
Video Duration 47 minutes 48 seconds

Tied together by a painful history, Greece and Germany are locked into a new conflict that has reawakened old ghosts.

Published On 22 Feb 2015
title logo - al jazeera correspondent - the greek resistance, barnaby phillips
Video Duration 47 minutes 36 seconds