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The Women of Football: Sudan’s Coach Among Men | Close Up

“I remember one day someone was very mean, he said: “Don’t you have a father? Don’t you have a brother? Is there no one in the family to control you?’” says Salma Al-Majidi.

The 32-year-old has faced countless provocations as the first woman to coach a men’s football team in Sudan and in the Arab world.

In a country where women weren’t allowed to play for 30 years – and where a national football team was only established a year ago – hers is no small step.

“It’s not just a game. It teaches you ethics and discipline,” says Al-Majidi of her 15-year love affair with the sport. “I always say football is life and coaches are the basis for it.”

Our film follows Al-Majidi’s team through a championship. Will they finally get a step closer to breaking into the country’s first league?