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Kenya’s Contraception King | Close Up

Stanley Ngara is on a mission to make Kenya HIV-free.

Dressed in his bright red “King of Condom” uniform, Stanley Ngara uses humour and empathy to spread awareness about safe sex and protection from sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) among people in Kenya.

People he meets are treated to his huge smile and friendly demeanour as he hands out free contraception and information, making sure his message is delivered loud and clear, regardless of how shy his audience is.

This mission is personal for Ngara in more than one way.

He has lost a number of childhood friends to AIDS, some of whom felt so stigmatised by the disease that their families were unaware they were infected.

Ngara’s dream is to see a generation of Kenyans free of HIV/AIDS and tells us in this film that he feels blessed to take on this work, no matter how difficult it is.

A film by: Tasmin Abdifatah and Moses Obuye

DOP: Moses Obuye

Producer: Tasmin Abdifatah

Translator: Tasmin Abdifatah

Driver: Mwangi Kamau

Editors: Anakha Arikara and Elysia Windrum

EP: Andrew Phillips

Special thanks to:

Stanley Ngara and family
LVCT Health
University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services Limited
Kenyatta University students
Heavenly Wings