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What we eat, how we eat it, and why, is integral to our sense of belonging. It ties us to our family roots and beyond that to a national identity, with the traditions surrounding our food reminding us of who we are – and perhaps who we are not. AJEats goes on a journey to discover what a city’s food tells us about its people, the fault lines of its history, the echoes of its past, and the emerging future. Have something you’d like to share? Tweet us at #AJEats

Meet the presenter
Gerald Tan
Gerald Tan is a TV news reporter by day and foodie by night. He is celebrating his 10th year with Al Jazeera and is now based at the network headquarters in Doha after stints in Washington, DC and Kuala Lumpur. As a senior producer in the English channel, he is responsible for writing, voicing, and packaging reports for the hourly news bulletins.   His passion for international affairs is rivalled by only that for food. Gerald runs his own website www.boulangerry.com featuring articles about food and travel, the restaurant scene in Doha, and his kitchen adventures as a baker. AJEats is the meeting of his two worlds, a lens into global culture through the food people eat. Follow Gerald Tan on Twitter @GeraldoTan & on Instagram @boulangerry

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Pushpesh Pant / Food expert. [Showkat Shafi/Al Jazeera]

For 40 years, food historian Pushpesh Pant has popularised ancient Indian food culture and inspired contemporary chefs.

Published On 6 Jan 2016