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Trucking: The world of a female trucker in Ivory Coast

On the road with heavy-duty truck driver Clémentine, contemplating her life in Ivory Coast.

Clémentine Zeregbe Goli is the only female heavy-duty truck driver among 1,500 men in her area – and a grandmother at that. She has overcome obstacles to do this job and works hard for her future and her life beyond the road.

In Trucking, by filmmaker Mireille Niyonsaba, we travel with Clémentine while she reflects on her life and that of those around her, navigating society’s poverty and injustices as well as the rough roads of Ivory Coast.

Mireille Niyonsaba is a Burundian documentary writer and director living in Ivory Coast. She has made numerous short films across Africa and collaborated on many other documentaries. She also works as a cinematographer and editor.