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Ladoum: Senegal’s Star Sheep

Pampered, protected and prized, Ladoum are beautiful, valuable sheep – the stars of this Senegalese story.

Ladoum: The Star Sheep, by filmmaker Moussa Diallo, transports us into the business of breeding and selling prize Ladoum sheep in Senegal.

In Dakar, Abou Kane runs his business breeding the expensive, smooth-haired sheep from an urban sheepfold – an impressive sheep hostel in the city.

He shows off his famous ram, Ameth Amar, and we eavesdrop on the deals and discussions of the business. This is an unexpected part of Dakar life, with sheep as the stars.

Moussa Diallo is an experienced screenwriter and director and a respected figure in the Senegalese audiovisual sector. He was involved in writing several films, including Tundu Wundu, Wara, and Dérapages. He is based in Dakar.