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From: Africa Direct

In the Aluminium Village: Recycling in Benin

Bernardin respects the aluminium recycling traditions of his Benin village but his temper gets him into trouble.

In the Aluminium Village, by filmmaker Onésiphore M Adonai, introduces us to Bernardin Sabadagbo, a young man in search of opportunities for his future, who must balance his needs with those of his community and the attitudes of his elders.

Cana village in Benin is remote and traditional, with a hierarchy of rules and expectations that do not always match Bernardin’s style. His backbreaking daily work involves sifting through the local rubbish dumps for aluminium refuse, which the village blacksmiths recycle, smelt and cast into ceremonial and practical pieces.

Filmmaker Onésiphore M Adonai is a young Beninese director. He has written and directed several successful short films, including Sens Eteint, nominated at the International Festival Clap Ivoir, and Grand Prix Djimon Hounsou, as well as several other awards.