The Dreamers

Roughly two million young people in the US are unaware that they are classified as illegal immigrants.


Activist: Viridiana Martinez, the North Carolina Dream Team

Filmmaker: Amie Williams

More than one million people have been deported from the US since Barack Obama took office.

This film follows one young woman living under the threat of deportation and reveals how she is fighting back.

Viridiana Martinez only discovered her illegal status after graduating from high school and realising that she could not work or go to college. She responded by publically declaring her illegal status and setting up the North Carolina Dream Team, which has halted the deportation of several other young people.

“I’ve come out publically as an ‘illegal’ immigrant, which is how my government likes to label me. I’m not classed as a citizen, and I have no legal papers or documentation to be here. My undocumented status means I am unofficially tolerated, but I am always at risk of deportation at any time.

Why am I doing this? I want people like me – and there are millions of us – to have the right to continue living in the US.”

Viridiana Martinez, activist

They are also trying to push officials to support the Dream Act, which is before Congress and would provide citizenship to millions of undocumented young people.


The Dreamers airs from October 4, at the following times GMT: Tuesday: 2230; Wednesday: 0930; Thursday: 0330; Friday: 1630; Saturday: 2230; Sunday: 0930; Monday: 0330; Tuesday: 1630.

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