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The Mysterious Fugitive Billionaire, Mr Guo

Is fugitive Chinese billionaire and self-styled whistleblower Guo Wengui a brave dissident or a fraudster?

Since fleeing China for the United States in 2014, former real estate tycoon Guo Wengui has cultivated a reputation as a whistleblower and fierce critic of the Chinese Communist Party.

He has amassed a loyal following, and despite an Interpol arrest warrant, continues to live in luxury in New York, where he regularly posts explosive, unverified claims about Chinese leaders online.

Guo has also launched what he says will be a huge media empire with former White House adviser Steve Bannon. But their fundraising scheme has drawn scrutiny from US regulators. Last year, three companies linked to Guo paid fines totalling more than $0.5bn after being accused of illegally selling stock and digital assets.

A growing number of Guo’s former supporters are now speaking up. They say they have been cheated, manipulated and harassed, charges Guo denies. 101 East investigates.