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Hmong refugees in Thailand fear persecution if they are forced to return to Laos.

Hmong refugees say they fear persecution 

Thousands of Hmong, an ethnic minority from Laos, have fled to Thailand since the end of the Vietnam war.

Most have been resettled but for recent escapees, Thailand may no longer be a safe haven. It is now in negotiations with Laos about repatriating the Hmong.

For many of them the prospect fills them with fear; they say they face persecution, military attacks and even death if they return.

101 East looks at the plight of a small, neglected group and the uncertain future they face.

Our guests this week are Kitty McKinsey from UNHCR, Laura Xiong from Hmong International Human Rights Watch and Dr Panitan Wattanayagorn, an academic and adviser to the Thai government.


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This episode of 101 East aired on Thursday 13th September 2007

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