Tom Benner

South China Sea

Tensions escalate over South China Sea claims

At security summit, Beijing vows to ignore pending international court ruling while US steps up military patrols.


Singapore voters ask: How much change do we want?

The status quo is a central issue in Friday's election with opposition candidates saying checks and balances are needed.

Poverty & Development

Arduous economic recovery in post-conflict East Timor

Next generation takes the reins of development to move troubled tropical paradise away from its bloody past.

War & Conflict

War of words heats up over South China Sea conflict

At Singapore summit, critics accuse China of setting a confrontational tone and undermining Asia-Pacific security.


Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew dies aged 91

Lee seen as power behind nation's rise from glorified fishing village into one of the world's economic powerhouses.

Business & Economy

Southeast Asia set to become a new EU

ASEAN's single market poised to hit the scene this year, but will regional politics thwart economic prosperity?

Asia Pacific

Down and out in upscale Japan

Tokyo government claims its homeless population has hit a record low, but analysts - and the homeless - beg to differ.


Singapore soul searching follows migrant riot

Deportations follow last week's unrest in Little India as officials debate the best way to move forward.


Singapore riot ignites burning class issues

Experts say problems around foreign labour need to be addressed after Sunday's riot by Indian and Bangladeshi workers.


Singapore poverty in the spotlight

The island's rich get richer while its poor get poorer, prompting calls for an official poverty line to be set.


Can East Timor dodge the 'resource curse'?

Despite oil and gas riches, signs of wealth remain scarce in the impoverished country.


Mismanagement highlighted in East Timor

Contracts with a Chinese company lead critics to blast government for alleged poor procurement policies.