Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour is an author and broadcaster based in London. He has written for the Guardian, the London Review of Books and many other publications.


UK's snap elections: The Corbyn factor

Will the snap elections in the UK be the end of Labour's Jeremy Corbyn?


Citizenship as commodity: Free movement for the rich

The world is becoming a playground for the rich, as governments work towards putting a price on citizenship.


Trump is in the way of Theresa May's global gamble

With Brexit, Theresa May is seeking alternative free trade partners, but Trump's nativism is standing in her way.


A heatwave in the Arctic, a Trump in the White House

As the planet is approaching a climate catastrophe, Trump is to take office with a climate change denial agenda.

Child rights

Time to speak out against the abuse in English football

When abuse can't be spoken, it speaks in another language.


Theresa May's Brexit gambit

May played the prerogative powers card to gain political advantage and push for a "softer" Brexit.

Latin America

The 'pink tide' in crisis

To defend their social goals, Latin American states need to risk encroaching on the profits and rights of investors.

US Elections 2016

How Donald Trump could win - and why

Old electoral alliances are cracking up, and the new have yet to clearly form.

Human Rights

Welcome to Weimar Britain

A humane member of parliament has been murdered for the sanctified cause of Britain First - and immigrants last.


Sadiq Khan's victory and free Londonistan

The long backlash against multiculturalism has hit a solid wall in London.

Humanitarian crises

Refugee crisis: When is a tragedy a massacre?

The EU is simply determined not to be a destination for refugees.

War & Conflict

When is the next Libya intervention?

If the US does decide to bomb Libya again, it will be doing so effectively in alliance with Egyptian foreign policy.