Olivier Guitta

Olivier Guitta is the Managing Director of GlobalStrat, a geopolitical risk and security consultancy firm with a regional specialisation on Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


US starts its long-awaited anti-ISIL campaign in Libya

After the disastrous intervention in 2011, the US has to be careful of the unintended consequences of a new campaign.


How to cooperate against terrorism?

The latest Brussels terror attacks have unfortunately shown the best and the worst of international cooperation.

War & Conflict

The re-emergence of AQIM in Africa

AQIM has shown resilience and an ability to adapt to new situations, making it a dangerous and resourceful adversary.

War & Conflict

ISIL's gains in Libya and the case for intervention

Libya has replaced Syria and Iraq as the top military priority, especially for Europeans.

War & Conflict

Libya's litmus test with ISIL

The emergence of ISIL in Libya appears to have tipped the balance in the war-torn country.

War & Conflict

Gulf States: A burning priority for ISIL?

Recent history shows that ISIL operatives and followers will stop at nothing in striking countries they target.