Konstantinos Antonopoulos

Konstantinos Antonopoulos is an interactive producer with Al Jazeera English. He has produced interactives on topics such as the 2014 World Cup, insurgency in Russia, corruption in the EU and HIV/ AIDS in the Middle East.


Mosul: A city reduced to rubble

UN says 8,400 housing sites were 'severely damaged or completely destroyed' in the battle to retake the city from ISIL.


France's footprint in the world

France possesses the world's sixth largest economy, but while it is relatively strong, finances at home are tough.

Human Rights

What it means to be a Palestinian prisoner in Israel

As hundreds of prisoners go on a mass hunger strike, here is a fact sheet about their plight in Israeli jails.

War & Conflict

From chlorine to sarin: Chemical weapons in war

A list of the chemical weapons in use and the harm they cause.

Science & Technology

What living in space does to your body

A spotlight on the physical effects of living in space and time required for recovery from its negative impact.

Gun control

Deadly shootings in US

A snapshot of the deadliest mass shootings in recent years in the US.

Middle East

How many Palestinians are imprisoned by Israel?

Palestinians are marking Prisoners' Day to highlight the plight of thousands being held in Israeli jails.


Euro 2016: How the teams measure up

Al Jazeera compares the 24 Euro 2016 participants based on their statistics and performance in the qualifying campaign.

Muhammad Ali

Death of Muhammad Ali: Was he the greatest of all time?

He is probably the most famous boxer ever to compete but, looking at the stats, how does he stack up against his peers?

Humanitarian crises

Infographic: Burundi refugee crisis

More than 100,000 people have fled Burundi after deadly clashes between police and anti-government protesters.


24 Hours in Gaza

Al Jazeera examines what life is like for one Palestinian family living amongst the rubble of the Gaza Strip.


Who rules the world of sport?

Comparing the numbers behind the three biggest events in the sports world - London 2012, Brazil 2014 and 2015 Cricket WC