Jenna Belhumeur

Arts & Culture

Pilgrimage to Ethiopia's 12th-century iconic churches

The World Heritage site draws visitors and pilgrims with its monolithic churches carved into the ground.

Middle East

Doha's grocery rejects

Products from states that have cut ties with Qatar are spoiling on shelves as Qataris choose new imports instead.


The walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia

The colourful, maze-like alleys within the Mecca of Africa remain alive and busy during the holy month of Ramadan.


NGOs deny collusion with Mediterranean smugglers

Aid workers say accusation intended to deflect public attention from "failure" of EU's counter-smuggling efforts.


Libyan coastguard opened fire at refugee boats: NGOs

Aid groups say 70 refugees jumped into Mediterranean waters to avoid being shot as speedboat interrupted rescue.


Finding my family after 44 years in prison

After coming to terms with a new and unfamiliar world, Otis Johnson set off to reconnect with his family.