Harry Hagopian

Middle East

Al-Aqsa: One encroachment too many?

The metal detector fiasco at al-Aqsa compound is the latest step in Israel's gradual encroachment on Palestinian land.

War & Conflict

The memories of 1967 invade Syria today

Nobody holds the moral high ground and nobody can pretend to be innocent of the crimes perpetrated.

War & Conflict

Shimon Peres: Loser, schemer or romantic?

Shimon Peres argued that peace is an Israeli need and not a favour to Arabs or Palestinians.


Brexit: Act in haste, repent at leisure?

Can we mend the existential fault line rupturing our continent, or are we witnessing its subliminal atomisation?

Middle East

Is Europe under attack?

We are at a crossroads and our politicians are far more invested in their power-based bubbles than in true leadership.


Our quest for a European identity

Euro-scepticism is on the rise again and the European dream seems to be receding from people's imaginations.

War & Conflict

So are we witnessing an EU meltdown?

Europe is hopelessly caught up in a vortex of two polarities - democracy or stability.

War & Conflict

Why the US is refusing to come to Syria's rescue

Obama clearly doesn't think that emotional arguments should influence his administration's decisions.

Human Rights

France, Kuwait, Tunisia: Where next?

We are nowhere near the end of this odyssey.

War & Conflict

The Six-Day War, 48 years on

The political environment was not so polarised at the start of the occupation.


Bibi: Bad news for Israel or Palestine?

I am not unhappy that Netanyahu was re-elected last week, but not for the obvious reasons.

War & Conflict

Syria and the battered minorities of the Middle East

Attacks, murders, abductions and the humiliation of minorities in the Middle East have now reached frightening levels.