Gyanu Adhikari


Nepal: The Maoist dream

Listen to the Al Jazeera story of Nepal's civil war and the subsequent democratic transition in the words of people.

War & Conflict

Nepal: Waiting for the 'disappeared'

Ten years after the war, relatives of nearly 1,400 disappeared see little hope of finding loved ones or seeing justice.


Unveiling Nepal's constitution amid deadly protests

Minorities in the southern plains denounce the new constitution for failing to protect their rights.

Human Rights

Nepal's marginalised group protest crackdown

Jailed intellectual, police action and alienation fuel protests in neglected southern border region of Madhes.

Human Rights

UK's 'covert acts' during Nepalese civil war

New book by British writer underlines UK's involvement in torture and disappearance of Nepal's Maoists during conflict.


Cricket brings cheer to Nepal

Battling power cuts, underfunding and unrest, Nepal's young team makes impressive debut in Bangladesh tournament.