Deepak Adhikari

Journalism Matters

The case against: Can journalists be activists?

The activist-journalist tries to influence debate, whereas a journalist helps to create an informed discussion.


UNICEF sounds Nepal warning as harsh winter looms

Government blames "Indian blockade" for shortages in country hit by devastating earthquake earlier this year.


Bleak outlook for Nepal's urban refugees

Sit-in protests in Kathmandu by over 100 people aim to compel UNHCR to drop proposal to cut monthly allowances.


Can India's Modi break the ice with Nepal?

Amid reservations, Narendra Modi's visit to Kathmandu aims to boost economic ties and rebuild trust between two nations.


Will Modi's win impact India-Nepal relations?

Observers debate implications for Himalayan nation in wake of election victory while others dream of Hindu revival.


Seeking justice for Nepal's war crimes

Reconciliation commissions established, but critics say amnesty provisions could let perpetrators go free.

US & Canada

Everest disaster prompts calls for reform

Deaths of 13 Sherpas in Nepal has shone a light on dangerous working conditions in the Everest-climbing industry.


Tricky challenges await Nepal's new leader

Sushil Koirala has to share power with a rival party, pass a constitution and ease tensions with disgruntled Maoists.