Research agencies IPSOS and SIGMA confirmed in two separate statements the accuracy of their research showing Al Jazeera Arabic is the most-watched news channel across the Middle East and North Africa.

The two statements issued confirm the accuracy of the research results for March of this year showing Al Jazeera Arabic has more viewership than all other pan-Arab news channels combined.

IPSOS confirmed in their statement that they have completed the viewership research in 11 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, and combined the results with a similar study completed by SIGMA in another 10 countries.

IPSOS statement said "…we confirm measuring viewership in 11 MENA countries only - as part of our continuous syndicated studies on general TV viewership habits; while another research agency had measured the remaining 10 countries."

IPSOS added; "We would also like to affirm the accuracy of the data resulting from the 11 MENA countries covered by Ipsos, and claim full responsibility for it."

In a letter send to AFP, the General Manager of SIGMA Hassen Zargouni stated "…we confirm that we have conducted the research for 10 countries in MENA, submitted the results to IPSOS for consolidation with their 11 countries. We reviewed the consolidated results for all 21 countries. We confirm the accuracy of the data in your original article and Al Jazeera's press release."

Source: Al Jazeera