Solutions to the world’s most pressing health problems are to be explored in a new Al Jazeera series, The Cure.

The magazine programme will, in Al Jazeera English’s typical style, be global in breadth, and will look at the hi-tech and low-tech solutions being employed to deal with issues as diverse as heart conditions and dengue fever.

The first episode will see giant rats being employed to sniff out cases of tuberculosis in Tanzania, while on the other end of the technological spectrum, a new precision radiotherapy treatment in the UK promises to reduce cancer treatment times.

Paul Eedle, director of programmes at Al Jazeera English said:

“Our medical reporters will take viewers on a journey to the frontiers of world health, from cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to advances in affordable healthcare for those who need it most. This series epitomizes Al Jazeera – it’s truly global, and deals with real issues that affect real people.”

The series begins on 28th May and will transmit at the following times GMT:

  • Tuesday 2230
  • Wednesday 0930
  • Thursday 0330
  • Friday 1630
  • Saturday 2230
  • Sunday 0930

The Cure online:

Source: Al Jazeera