Al Jazeera to report from Pakistan elections

Six Al Jazeera correspondents reporting from across the country as Pakistan goes to the polls.

    Al Jazeera has announced its coverage plan for the May 11th Pakistan elections.

    Six Al Jazeera correspondents from TV and online will be across Pakistan as the country goes to the polls for the first time in its history where a civilian transition of power is set to take place.

    Mike Hanna and Osama Bin Javaid will be reporting from the capital, Islamabad, while Imran Khan will be in the financial capital and port city of Karachi. Imtiaz Tyab will be reporting from Lahore while Kamal Hyder will be in Peshawar which has witnessed increased levels of violence over the past few months.

    Al Jazeera English online has made live a special spotlight page carrying exclusive features and reports from Al Jazeera’s Asad Hashim who will be reporting from various locations.

    In a volatile region of Pakistan, Al Jazeera will bring the latest news, analysis and opinion from our reporters as well as discussions on security, religion, geo-politics, corruption and exclusive interviews with candidates and party workers  for TV and online.

    The Al Jazeera team will report on key electoral issues such as security, as sectarian and religious conflict could derail the democratic process. Also as the country is in the grips of a major energy crisis, Al Jazeera will find out what all political parties intend to do as vast parts of the country experiences blackouts. As most of the estimated 180 million people in Pakistan live on only one or two dollars a day, and food is getting more expensive. Al Jazeera will be speaking to ordinary citizens on their hopes and concerns for the future of Pakistan.

    As social media will be playing a key role in the elections the hashtag #Pakelections which will be tracked by the online team as well as social media programme The Stream who had a programme on the Pakistan elections.

     Al Jazeera’s flagship discussion programme Inside Story will also debate the key election points before and after the vote.

    A  video of correspondent Kamal Hyder, whose style and on-the-ground reporting in Pakistan has made him a hit with viewers over the years, is available online.


    Al Jazeera English’s on-screen and online branding for the Pakistan elections can be downloaded here

    Twitter handles of Al Jazeera journalists in Pakistan are: @ajimran @asadhashim @ImtiazTyubAJE @osamabinjavaid and @mjhanna

    For all the latest news, analysis and features from Al Jazeera on the Pakistan elections – click here:

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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