Two Al Jazeera channels launch on UK's Virgin Media

Two Al Jazeera channels launch on UK's Virgin Media

    • Al Jazeera English joins Virgin Media’s news line-up
    • Al Jazeera Arabic the first Arabic channel on Virgin Media

    imageVirgin Media viewers have woken up today to find both Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Arabic on their TV service.

    It caps a remarkable year for Al Jazeera English which has seen the channel pick up a stream of awards for their content including the coveted RTS News Channel of the Year, beating off competition from the BBC and Sky News.

    Al Jazeera Arabic is the first Arabic channel to launch on Virgin Media. The channel has been the most watched provider of news in the Middle East since it emerged as the first independent channel in the region in 1996.

    The English channel features in the cable platform’s news channel genre, and the Arabic channel is in the international line-up. Both are available to all Virgin Media TV customers on M+ package and above and in addition Al Jazeera has granted the rights for distribution of content across Virgin Media’s TV Anywhere* service, including online, mobile and tablets.

    Commenting, Al Anstey, managing director of Al Jazeera English said:

    “We’re now on all the major TV platforms in the UK, completing the picture for our distribution across the country. People in the UK are hungry for reliable information, well-told, so we’re especially pleased to be offering news, programmes, and documentaries from our world-class journalists around the globe to our new viewers.”

    Mostefa Souag, managing director of Al Jazeera Arabic said:

    “Since Al Jazeera Arabic launched in 1996, people have talked about how we are always on in their houses, in the background, foreground, and part of the family discussion. It’s been the same for Arab communities in the UK. The news agenda since the start of the Arab Awakening has been incredible, and we look forward to bringing our viewers the very latest from Egypt, Syria and wherever else the action is taking place.”

    Peter Chapman, Associate Director of Content Acquisition at Virgin Media said:

    “We’re constantly looking to broaden our programming range with quality channels such as Al Jazeera’s and we’re pleased to announce the arrival of both to our TV service. Working in close partnership with Al Jazeera reaffirms our commitment to strengthen our line-up of international channels now and in the future.”

    Al Jazeera English is on Channel 622

    Al Jazeera Arabic is on Channel 836


    Notes to editors

    *Both channels courtesy of Al Jazeera will be available on Virgin Media’s TV Anywhere in 2013

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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