Hong Kong's long game to secure democracy

Protests continue to grow after nearly three months of unrest in the territory.

    Hong Kong is bracing for more protests this weekend as nearly three months of pro-democracy demonstrations show no signs of ending any time soon. 

    On this week's episode of The Take, we explore the roots of the city's pro-democracy movement, the old demands that have long gone unanswered and how today's youth are looking to Bruce Lee in their strategy to secure political reform.

    For more:

    Will China run out of patience with Hong Kong protests?

    Hong Kong protesters change tactics

    The team:

    Priyanka Tilve produced this episode with Alexandra Locke, Morgan Waters, Amy Walters, Ney Alvarez, and Malika Bilal. Natalia Aldana is the social media producer. And Graelyn Brashear is Al Jazeera's Head of Audio.

    Special thanks to Rob McBride and Joel Lawrence.


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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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