Jerusalem: A rock and a hard place

What is it like to live in a divided city? The Take explores Al Jazeera's new documentary about the Holy City and those who call it home.

    A Muslim scholar and a Christian Palestinian researcher. A proud Zionist and an ex-settler.

    In this week's episode, the filmmaker behind Al Jazeera's new documentary, Jerusalem: A rock and a hard place, guides us through the Holy City to meet the people who call it home.

    We hear their arguments about the past, their concerns about the present and their vastly different ideas about what the future should look like.

    For more:

    A Rock and a Hard Place: What is it like to live In Jerusalem?

    Selling Jerusalem: Middlemen sell Jerusalemite homes to settlers

    Israeli authorities to reopen Al-Aqsa Mosque compound

    The team:

    Morgan Waters and Dina Kesbeh produced this episode with Ney Alvarez, Alexandra Locke, Priyanka Tilve and Amy Walters. Ian Coss was the sound designer. Natalia Aldana is the engagement producer. Graelyn Brashear is the show's lead producer.


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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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