Syria: The endgame

After more than seven years of war, who will win the peace?

    It looks like President Bashar al-Assad has won the war in Syria. But who will win the peace?

    In the debut episode of The Take, a new podcast by Al Jazeera's Jetty Studios, we explore the final play in Syria: The country's die-hard rebels are locked in a corner, the Syrian government is opening borders, and the outside powers that supported opposing sides are now striking deals.

    Host Imtiaz Tyab turns to Al Jazeera correspondent Zeina Khodr for clarity at a crucial point in one of the worst wars of the 21st century.

    Learn more: 
    Can the opening of the Nassib crossing end of Syria's isolation? - By Zeina Khodr

    Deadline passes for Syria's Idlib buffer without fighters leaving 


    Syria's War: Seven years, seven documentaries

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    The team:
    Morgan Waters and Jasmin Bauomy produced this episode. They had production help from Kyana Moghadam, Jordan Marie Bailey, and host Imtiaz Tyab. The sound designer was Ian Coss. Graelyn Brashear is the lead producer of The Take. Special thanks to Zeina Khodr and Ali Abbas in Beirut.

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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