When a journalist is arrested in Kashmir

Just last year, 48 journalists were killed on the job around the world. More than 5 times that number were jailed.

    What happens to journalists when they're beaten, locked up and tortured? What do they do when they get death threats, or worse? Give up or push forward?

    That's what we're asking on The Debrief today.

    We also discuss Gauri Lankesh, editor of Gauri Lankesh Patrike, a weekly magazine in India, who was shot dead in front of her house on September 5.

    In the studio: Al Jazeera resident photojournalist Showkat Shafi who was arrested and beaten by police in Indian-administered Kashmir. Our host is Mohsin Ali.

    Platforms & distribution / host: Mohsin Ali 
    Audio producer: Laurentiu Colintineanu 
    Executive producer: Yasir Khan

    Gauri Lankesh: A 'fearless' Indian journalist silenced
    India: Godmen, Con Men and the Media

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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