Game of Our Lives podcast returns for the 2018 Russia World Cup

The world according to the beautiful game, in the second season of Al Jazeera's football show.

    What's to come in this summer's World Cup?

    "Goals, tragedies, victories, triumphs, politics - and songs," says David Goldblatt, football historian and host of Game of Our Lives.

    As the world gears up for the 21st FIFA World Cup, hosted in Russia, Al Jazeera's football podcast launches its second season with an eye, and an ear, on the game beyond the game in this international tournament.

    In the show's first season, Goldblatt used the lens of the world's most global game to talk politics, culture, economics, immigration, religion, cinema, and all-time favourite goals with guests from around the world - including acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog , Indian journalist Supriya Nair, and Colombian writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez .

    The second season of the show promises the same big-picture context, analysis, and humor that only Goldblatt can offer, with two new voices: Tony Karon, editorial lead for AJ+, former anti-apartheid activist, and avowed football fanatic, and producer Raja Shah, a wry and well-informed, but more casual fan.

    Together, they break down the action, the agony, and the joy of the competition, while connecting it to larger political, cultural, and historical questions.

    In addition to the new co-hosts, the format of the show is also changing, with twice-weekly episodes responsive to what's happening on and off the pitch to keep listeners up to speed on what's going on in the tournament. An all-new segment called "What To Watch" wraps up each episode with the hosts looking ahead to an upcoming match - they share relevant context for the game, examining what's at stake, and leaving listeners with a meaningful perspective on the game at hand.

    The new season begins on June 8, with ground-level view of Russia as host to the 2018 games; coverage of the 2018 CONIFA World Football Cup - a global competition of teams from regions, diasporas and identities not recognised by FIFA - and a conversation about what football fans can expect to see in Russia this summer.

    Listen to the trailer in the episode player above, and catch up on Season One here.

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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