The Take: Ecuador’s president declared a war on gangs. Can it succeed?

President Daniel Noboa’s crackdown on gangs has curbed violence in Ecuador – but has the country become a narco-state?

Members of Ecuador's armed forces patrol a commercial harbour area, amid the ongoing wave of violence around the nation, in Guayaquil, Ecuador on January 15, 2024 [Ivan Alvarado/Reuters]

Ecuador is experiencing unprecedented levels of violence. The most visible attack was on a TV station during a live broadcast last week. President Daniel Noboa says the country is in a state of war with gangs. But is it one that he can win?

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  • Alessandro Rampietti (@rampietti), Al Jazeera English correspondent for the Andes
  • Marcel Mettelsiefen (@marcelmettelsiefen), Director, Ecuador: A Narco State

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Source: Al Jazeera