Luis Rubiales resignation: What next for women’s football in Spain?

Head of the Spanish football federation, Luis Rubiales has resigned. But players continue to fight for proper treatment.

Soccer Football - FIFA Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 - Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez receive the World Cup champions - Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Spain - August 22, 2023 President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales during the ceremony
Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez receive the World Cup champions at the Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Spain, August 22, 2023 [Juan Medina/Reuters]

Spain won a historic victory at the Women’s World Cup, the first time the women’s team brought home the trophy. But in the weeks since, there’s been nothing but controversy. On Sunday, that culminated in a highly publicised resignation from head of the Spanish football federation, Luis Rubiales. Calls for him to resign first started after he gave an unwanted kiss to player Jenni Hermoso at the World Cup. Now, with all eyes on Spanish football, how much further can Spain’s female football players get to scoring proper treatment?

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