The Take: The genocide lawsuit against Joe Biden over Israel-Gaza war

Palestinian-Americans have filed a lawsuit against US leaders.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators display signs outside the home of US Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., during a protest Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023, in Cambridge, Mass., held to call for a cease fire in the war in Gaza
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators display signs outside the home of US Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, during a protest on November 19, 2023, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, held to call for a ceasefire in the war in Gaza [Steven Senne/AP Photo]

A lawsuit against US President Joe Biden and other top officials accuses them of complicity in genocide in Gaza. What will it mean for the US government and Palestinians?

In this episode: 

  • Laila el-Haddad (@gazamom), Palestinian journalist and author
  • Astha Sharma Pokharel (@AsthaSPokharel), Attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights Attorney

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Source: Al Jazeera