The Take: Detained, tortured and banned – Workers from Gaza in Israel

Workers from Gaza recount horror stories after Israel suddenly revoked their work permits and put them in detention.

Palestinian workers, who were stranded in Israel since the October 7 attacks, are received as they cross back into the Gaza Strip at the Kerem Shalom commercial border crossing with Israel in the south of the Palestinian enclave on November 3, 2023
Palestinian workers stranded in Israel since the October 7 attacks are received as they cross back into the Gaza Strip at the Kerem Shalom border crossing on November 3, 2023 [Said Khatib/AFP]

Following the events of October 7, thousands of Palestinians who were from Gaza and working in Israel were suddenly labeled illegal and detained without charge. They’ve relayed stories of abuse and beatings. In two cases, the workers died in prison. Many of them have now been released back into Gaza but are left wondering what lies ahead.

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  • Tania Hary (@taniahary), executive director of Gisha-Legal Center for Freedom of Movement

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