The one way flight from the UK to Rwanda

Refugees arriving in the UK are being sent to Rwanda.

Protestors demonstrate outside the Home Office in London, the UK.
Protesters demonstrate outside the Home Office against the United Kingdom government's plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, in London, the UK, June 13, 2022 [Henry Nicholls/Reuters]

Hamza Muktareq Tejani travelled thousands of kilometres and spent all his resources trying to escape the conditions in Darfur. Six years later, he found himself in the United Kingdom, the place he wanted to call home. Then, he received some shocking news, official documents from the government that said he would be relocated to Rwanda. He could be one of thousands of refugees the UK could be sending away.

In this episode:

  • Hamza Moukhtar Tejani, refugee from Darfur
  • Qays Sadiqi (@QaysSediqi), former refugee, now immigration, public law and civil liberties solicitor (@bhdsolicitors) in London
  • Bashir Mohammed (@bashir_caato), freelance journalist for Al Jazeera based in London
  • Michela Wrong (@michelawrong), journalist and author of four non-fiction books and a novel on Africa

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Source: Al Jazeera