The beginning of the end of China’s zero-COVID

As China lifts restrictions, new challenges await.

Pandemic workers in white hazmat suits gather in front of a block of flats in Beijing where people are under home quarantine. They are standing in front of blue tents and are about to begin their shift
Pandemic prevention workers gather before their shift to look after buildings where residents are quarantined as COVID-19 outbreaks continue in Beijing, December 8, 2022 [Thomas Peter/Reuters]

China’s zero-COVID bubble has officially burst, after years of some of the world’s strongest restrictions aimed at preventing its spread. After protests in more than 20 cities last month, people have shown they were ready for restrictions to be lifted. So, what are the challenges facing the loosening of tight restrictions, and are people ready for what comes next?

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  • Katrina Yu (@Katmyu), Al Jazeera China correspondent

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Source: Al Jazeera