Why is Islamophobia on the rise in France?

Essential Middle East examines the reasons behind the rise of Muslim hate in France.

A protestor holds a placard that reads 'France Islamophobe'
A protester holds a placard that reads 'France Islamophobe' during a demonstration against the French government's global security bill and restrictions that target Muslim communities [Abdulmonam Eassa/Getty Images]

France is home to one of western Europe’s largest Muslim populations, estimated at 5.7 million.

Since the nation held presidential and legislative elections, Muslims in France have endured a rise in discrimination, from bans on burkinis and Muslim headscarves to accusations of offending the values of the secular republic. Many Muslims feel the elections have stigmatised their faith and increased populist and right-wing attacks on their way of life.

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  • Nacira Guenif, professor of sociology and anthropology at the University of Paris 8

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Source: Al Jazeera