For women journalists, an online battlefield

As women journalists are being hacked, doxxed and threatened, we hear from our colleagues who’ve faced these threats.

In this file photo from 2019, journalists, including Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, raise their smart phones with words 'STOP THE ATTACKS!' in a rally for press freedom in the Philippines [File: Eloisa Lopez/Reuters]

On World Press Freedom Day, the focus is often the heroics of gathering and delivering information in the face of violence. But during a pandemic, it’s the online threats that are hitting harder, and female journalists are being hacked, doxxed, deepfaked and threatened all over the world. We’re hearing from our own colleagues who’ve faced these threats head on, to ask what we all lose when women journalists are silenced.

In this episode:

Kimberly Halkett (@KimberlyHalkett) White House correspondent, Al Jazeera English

Ghada Oueiss (@ghadaoueiss), Presenter, Al Jazeera Arabic

Julie Posetti (@julieposetti), Global director of research, The International Center for Journalists

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Source: Al Jazeera