Kenya’s latest call to close Dadaab refugee camp

What does the call to close Dadaab refugee camp mean for its residents?

Youths play football at the Dadaab refugee complex, one of the world's largest refugee camps, in the northeast of Kenya, on April 16, 2018 [Yasuyoshi Chiba/ AFP]

Kenya has hosted refugee camps including Dadaab since the 1990s. And the camps have hosted hundreds of thousands of refugees, mainly from Somalia. Dadaab was meant to be temporary, and Kenya’s government is very aware of that. The government called for Dadaab camp to be shut down last month – something it has asked for before. But what does this mean for the refugees who call Dadaab home?

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The New Humanitarian journalist Moulid Hujale; Catherine Soi, Al Jazeera correspondent covering East and Central Africa; Deck Abdullahi Ali

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Source: Al Jazeera