The other 99% of history

The Co-author of ‘The Dawn of Everything’, David Wengrow.
Co-author of ‘The Dawn of Everything’, David Wengrow. [Courtesy: Creative Commons]

Where did humans go wrong? It might feel like the question of our species as another year passes into history. But ‘The Dawn of Everything,’ by David Wengrow and David Graeber, says we’re asking the wrong questions. The bestselling book is a blitz on Big History, a loaded subject: it’s a time period that’s both 300,000 years long and 99% before the invention of writing. But the book upends everything we think we know about the past, the present, and maybe even the future.

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  • David Wengrow (@davidwengrow), co-author of ‘The Dawn of Everything’

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Source: Al Jazeera