Denmark is still trying to send Syrians back

Radwan Fouad Jomaa fled Syria and settled in Denmark, but now he is being told to return. The Take shares his story.

Since our story aired in May - more than 50,000 Danes signed a petition, urging their Parliament to stop revoking the residency of Syrians [Alex Luka Ladime/Scanpix/Reuters]

Radwan Fouad Jomaa lives in Denmark with his wife and three kids. He moved there from Syria, where he was born and raised. After opposing the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, he fled, fearing the worst. Denmark says his hometown, Damascus, is safe, though, and Syrian refugees must return. What will happen to the Syrians in Denmark?

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  • Radwan Fouad Jomaa, Syrian in Denmark
  • Florian Elabidi (@FlorianElabdi), a Danish journalist who reports about politics, conflicts, and migration in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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Source: Al Jazeera