A soundtrack for US police reform

The Take explores a song that has become the musical beacon for the Cariol’s Law legislation.

A still from the Mama Please music video by Drea d'Nur and Rami Nashashibi that explores social justice themes and invokes the memory of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Seen here, Drea d’Nur in the foreground and Cariol Horne behind her. (Restricted Use, Courtesy of Drea d'Nur)

Chicago community organiser and artist Rami Nashashibi started writing the song Mama Please in tribute to the memory of George Floyd. Over time, and with the help of musicians Drea d’Nur and Jecorey Arthur it evolved into a song about injustice in the United States and abroad. This song is dedicated to a former New York State police officer who was fired when she intervened to stop another officer’s chokehold. We talked to the artists, and former officer Cariol Horne, for a look into their work to fight for justice.

In this episode:

Singer and music producer, Drea d’Nur; artist and executive director of Inner-City Muslim Action Network, Rami Nashashibi; and former police officer and current activist, Cariol Horne.

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Source: Al Jazeera