After Desert Storm: Iraq invades Kuwait (Part 1)

This it the first in a three-part series on Operation Desert Storm and the people who lived it.

Smoke billows from the Kifan cooperative in Kuwait City that allegedly came under Iraqi army shellfire in the early days of the invasion of Kuwait. (The photograph was provided by the Beirut bureau of the Kuwaiti official news agency Kuna Tuesday.) (AP Photo)

Thirty-one years ago, Iraq invaded Kuwait on a hot August morning. A few months later on January 16, 1991, the United States military launched its first major war in the Middle East: Operation Desert Storm. This is the first episode in a three-part series telling the story of that war from the perspective of the people who were there, on the ground. They are people you probably haven’t heard from before: an Iraqi General, a Kuwaiti Naval Commander and the highest-ranking US Navy Seal involved in Desert Storm, just to name a few. This war was the start of something — the story of the United States in the Middle East today.

In this episode:

Salah Nasrawi, former Baghdad correspondent for Associated Press; Nasser Al Hussainan, retired vice-admiral of the Kuwaiti Navy; Abdulwahab Al Qassab, retired major general, Iraqi Armed Forces; Eric T Olson, retired admiral, US Special Operations Command; Kate Adie, former BBC chief correspondent

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The team:

Amy Walters produced this episode with Ney Alvarez, Dina Kesbeh, Negin Owliaei, Priyanka Tilve, Alexandra Locke, Jennifer Glasse and Malika Bilal.

Alex Roldan was the sound designer. Natalia Aldana is the engagement producer. Stacey Samuel is The Take’s executive producer.

Source: Al Jazeera