How the Assads took Syria

Syria’s inner circle of power has been dominated by the al-Assad family for 50 years, but nearly a decade of war is exposing its cracks.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Deraa

Journalist Sam Dagher was based in Damascus in the early years of the war, and after the government kicked him out, he used his access to write the inside story of the family that’s become synonymous with Syria.

As Bashar al-Assad marks 20 years in power this week, we pull the curtain back on the inner circle to hear the story of a leader who was not meant for power, but was lifted up by the family name that consumed him.

In this episode:

Sam Dagher, journalist and author of, Assad or We Burn the Country.

For more:

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Alexandra Locke produced this episode with Dina Kesbeh, Priyanka Tilve, Ney Alvarez, Amy Walters and Malika Bilal. Alex Roldan is the sound designer. Natalia Aldana is the engagement producer. Stacey Samuel is The Take’s executive producer, and Graelyn Brashear is Al Jazeera’s head of audio.

Special thanks to Ashish Malhotra and Abubakr al Shamahi.

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Source: Al Jazeera

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