Coronavirus diaries from Tehran, Berlin and Seattle

The novel coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world. But it is also slowing to the point of containment in China’s Hubei province, where it began.

Iran Coronavirus

So far, we know that COVID-19 can spread incredibly quickly – and it is possible to stop it. But there is no unified playbook.

Every country and community is approaching the outbreak in a different way. So what is working? And what is not?

The Take checks in with three journalists in three cities.

In this episode:
Zein Basravi, Al Jazeera journalist in Tehran, Iran. Erik Kirschbaum, special correspondent for the Los Angeles Times in Berlin, Germany. Ian Morse, reporting for Al Jazeera in Seattle, US.

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The team:

Graelyn Brashear, Al Jazeera’s head of audio, produced this episode, with Malika Bilal, Priyanka Tilve, Ney Alvarez, Alexandra Locke Dina Kesbeh and Amy Walters. Alex Roldan was the sound designer. Natalia Aldana is the engagement producer. Stacey Samuel is The Take’s executive producer.


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Source: Al Jazeera