Macron, and France’s complex relationship with Islam

Muslim communities have called for a boycott of French goods after the reprinting of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.

Kashmiri Muslims shout slogans during a protest against the publications of a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad in France and French President Emmanuel Macron's comments, in Srinagar October 30, 2020 [Danish Ismail/Reuters]

After the reprinting of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad and a series of isolated and brutal attacks, French President Emmanuel Macron has become embroiled in controversy. He proposed a new bill to defend France’s secular values against what he called “Islamist radicalism” and said the religion was “in crisis” all over the world. The backlash he received after his declaration included anti-French demonstrations in Muslim countries and the boycott of French goods. But French Muslims are concerned Macron’s words are aimed at sympathising with the country’s far right ahead of the 2022 presidential elections.

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Rim-Sarah Alouane, French researcher, legal scholar and PhD candidate at the University of Toulouse.

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Source: Al Jazeera