The Arab-Israeli deal that ignores Palestinians

The agreement marks a shifting relationship between Israel and the Arab world.

The plane has landed. The first flight from Tel Aviv touched ground in Dubai, and US President Donald Trump declared a deal for peace and prosperity between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

But many have expressed anger, with some saying Arab nations and Israel are uniting against Palestinians, leaving many disappointed.

In this episode:

Ali Harb, (@Harbpeace), Washington, DC-based writer of US foreign policy and Arab-American issues.

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Amy Walters produced this episode with Abigail Ony Nwaohuocha, Dina Kesbeh, Alexandra Locke, Negin Owliaei, Priyanka Tilve, Ney Alvarez, and Malika Bilal.

Alex Roldan is The Take‘s sound designer. Natalia Aldana is the engagement producer. Stacey Samuel is The Take‘s executive producer, and Graelyn Brashear is Al Jazeera’s head of audio.

Special thanks to Rania Zabbaneh, Al Jazeera’s producer in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

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