Erdogan’s re-election is good news for Turkiye – and the world

On Sunday, Turkish voters demonstrated the strength of Turkish democracy and voiced their support for President Erdogan’s vision for global peace and stability.

Erdogan victory
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gestures to supporters at the presidential palace, in Ankara, Turkey, Sunday, May 28, 2023 [Ali Unal/AP Photo]

Against the backdrop of an increasingly complex global political landscape, last Sunday’s presidential run-off in Türkiye marked a pivotal moment, both for its people and the wider world. In a triumph for democracy, the election was fair, free, and it boasted an impressively high voter turnout. The results reaffirm the vibrancy of Türkiye’s political landscape and the faith Turkish people have in their democracy. That Turkish voters trusted President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to lead the nation for another five years bodes exceptionally well for regional stability and global peace.

The campaign season was as colourful and dynamic as Türkiye’s diverse political culture, reflecting the best qualities of its vibrant, resilient and inclusive democracy. Amid this rich tapestry and despite all the expected tensions that come with an election, Turkish citizens used their ballots to reiterate their trust in and support for President Erdogan’s policies and vision for the country.

After yet another landmark election victory, the undefeated president humbly and graciously embraced the entire nation. As a leader who recognises the need to earn political support through delivering tangible results, he promised to continue to serve everyone regardless of their support for him and his party in this election. He reaffirmed that his achievements will belong not only to his supporters but to all Turkish citizens.

In this election, President Erdogan defeated not only the opposition candidate but the xenophobic and anti-refugee elements on the fringes of Turkish society whose support he relied on. By once again choosing President Erdogan, Turkish people clearly stated that they too believe refugees currently residing in Türkiye should return to their home countries only when it is safe to do so.

In this context, this victory was a testament to Erdogan’s approach to the refugee issue – an approach that marries practicality with compassion and sees Türkiye providing refuge to all those in need while working towards establishing peace in their homelands.

Building on this ethos, the new Erdogan administration will continue to spread a message of fairness and justice across the globe while persistently advocating for reform within international organisations. As Erdogan’s famous “the world is bigger than five” motto – where “five” refers to the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – communicates, the new Erdogan administration will continue working towards amplifying marginalised voices and redistributing power within global governing bodies to achieve equity within the international system.

Erdogan’s vision extends beyond Türkiye’s borders and includes resolving international conflicts and alleviating global suffering. While these goals are undoubtedly ambitious, they are achievable as they are underpinned by a steadfast commitment to diplomacy and negotiation as well as a deep-rooted belief in the importance of mutual respect. Under the leadership of Erdogan, Türkiye will continue to work collaboratively with any willing nation to resolve pressing bilateral, regional and global challenges.

Erdogan’s re-election also demonstrates the Turkish people’s support for and appreciation of their country’s resolute stance against terrorism. Following this momentous electoral victory, the Erdogan administration will continue its battle against this global menace with full force. It will fight terrorism in all its forms and encourage other nations to adopt a similar approach in international forums.

After this election, the Erdogan administration will continue its relentless efforts to address global challenges such as climate change, food shortages, irregular migration and economic crises as well. Under President Erdogan’s leadership, Türkiye is ready to step forward, contribute to solutions, and encourage global cooperation. The Turkish nation placed its trust in President Erdogan once again, sending a clear message to the world: we are ready to work with you based on principles of mutual respect and common interests.

The election has not only reaffirmed the strength of Turkish democracy but also demonstrated the Turkish people’s unyielding resolve to be led by a leader with a vision for peace, equality, and justice. Erdogan’s re-election is not just a victory for Türkiye; it is a beacon of hope for a world that seeks unity in times of division, compassion in the face of fear, and resolution amid conflict.

As we mark the centennial of our republic, Turkish people have reaffirmed their readiness to march forward, guided by President Erdogan’s vision for the future. Charting that future starts with working ever more energetically to turn “Türkiye’s Century” into a force for good in the world.

President Erdogan’s can-do attitude and positivity in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties is a crucial asset the international community should utilise in its effort to confront the international challenges of our time. As instability and conflict continue to test our world, the need for unity and cooperation in fostering and preserving peace for future generations becomes ever more crucial.

President Erdogan has dedicated his life to building peace at home and abroad. Now that the Turkish nation has once again voiced its support for Erdogan’s vision, the world must join him in his quest for sustainable peace and global stability.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance