Thai port chemical leak sickens scores

Total of 94 villagers treated after ship spills industrial chemicals at country's deepest seaport.

    The ship leaked chemicals used in industrial production [REUTERS]
    The ship leaked chemicals used in industrial production [REUTERS]

    More than 90 people, including primary school pupils, have been sickened by a chemical leak from a Hong Kong ship in eastern Thailand, authorities have said.

    Hazardous flammable liquids leaked from containers on Thursday as the ship anchored in Laem Chabang port in Chonburi province, said Surinrat Suksap, a Thai disaster office chief.

    According to Suksap, 94 villagers in nearby areas were exposed to the chemicals. Many were treated in hospital for skin irritations and breathing diffculties.

    Surinrat said the leak on the ship was sealed within a few hours. The chemicals, identified as butyl acrylates, are used for polymer manufacturing and in industrial production.

    The ship was was traveling from Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Laem Chabang is Thailand's main deep seaport and is located 116km southeast of Bangkok.



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