Egyptian policemen killed in Sinai attack

Gunmen kill four policemen in the restive north, with police blaming the attack on "takfiri" fighters.

    Gunmen have killed four Egyptian policemen in the restive northern Sinai, a security source said, with police blaming the attack on an armed group.

    A security source said the men were killed on Saturday on a road between Rafah and El-Arish in north Sinai while returning to their posts after a weekend away.

    "Takfiri elements forced the pickup they were driving to stop, made the four policemen get out and opened fire on them," the source said.

    Fighters in the Sinai Peninsula have stepped up attacks on troops and police since the military removed the Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last July.

    Saturday's shooting came just hours after bombs killed two people in a Cairo suburb.

    The devices were detonated remotely in a partially built telecoms building in the October 6 suburb, police told the AFP news agency,

    Medics said the watchman's wife and 18-year-old daughter were killed.



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