Teenager killed as Egypt marks anniversary

Teenager shot during clashes between police and protesters marking third anniversary of first constitutional referendum.

    At least one person has been killed in Egypt as clashes broke out between security forces and protesters demonstrating against the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi. 

    The protesters had called for nationwide demonstrations to mark the third anniversary of the first constitutional referendum following the 2011 revolution.

    A teenager was shot dead on Wednesday in clashes in the south of the country, a ministry official said.

    "Amr Aly Mohamed was killed by a gun shot during clashes between police and protesters," said Ahmed Anwar, deputy head of the Ministry of Health for the city of Beni Suef.

    Protests took place in a number of universities across the country, as students opposing the July military-led overthrow of Morsi called for demonstrations to mark the 2011 referendum, which is seen as the beginning of a fissure that hit their ranks.

    Tear gas

    Clouds of tear gas billowed over Cairo university as police forces tried to disperse rallying students, who were estimated to be 2,000 in number by the AFP news agency.

    Students retaliated by throwing stones and launching fireworks, an AFP correspondent said.

    Clashes also took place at Al Azhar University in Assuit, where student sympathising with the banned Muslim Brotherhood held a protest and tried to exit the campus, according to state-run television.

    Several students were arrested and security forces stormed into campus chasing demonstrators, according to television.

    Since the July coup, rival protests have been staged almost daily by supporters of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, and those who reject military intervention in Egypt's politics.

    Student rallies have also taken place on a near-daily basis, crippling universities, and prompting the government to delay the new semester to this month, when it should have started in February.

    The violence in universities has led to a court verdict sanctioning the return of police forces to campuses, three years after university grounds became off-limits.

    Activists deemed the decision a return to pre-2011 oppressive measures.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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