German diplomats survive Saudi gun attack

The attack happened in the east, which has experienced unrest and violence between Shia Muslims and security forces.

    German diplomats survive Saudi gun attack
    About two million Shia Muslims live Saudi Arabia, mostly in the eastern region of Qatif [Al Jazeera]

    German diplomats have survived a shooting in Saudi Arabia, the country's official news agency has reported.

    SPA said on Monday that authorities were investigating the incident, which took place near the eastern town of Al Awamiya in the Qatif region, where most of the country's Shia Muslim minority lives.

    A police spokesman told Al Jazeera that the two diplomats were fired at, saved by a civilian and that their vehicle was set on fire.

    Authorities are seeking the gunmen, added the agency, without saying whether the gun attack was connected to unrest in the province from 2011.

    Ten people were killed in clashes with security forces, and the fighting escalated after the arrest in July 2012 of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, considered to be a driving force behind the protests.

    However, tensions eased in August that year when seven Shia dignitaries from Qatif hailed a call by King Abdullah for the creation of a centre for Sunni-Shia interfaith dialogue.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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