Key terms of Iran's nuclear deal

The breakthrough interim agreement is to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions in exchange for the easing of sanctions.

    The interim agreement comes after four days of negotiation between Iran and P5+1  [Reuters]
    The interim agreement comes after four days of negotiation between Iran and P5+1 [Reuters]

    What Iran must do

    • Halt enrichment above five per cent.
    • Dismantle technical connections required to enrich above five per cent.
    • Not install additional centrifuges of any type.
    • Not install or use any next-generation centrifuges to enrich uranium.
    • Not construct additional enrichment facilities.
    • Not commission or fuel Arak reactor.
    • Provide daily access to IAEA inspectors at Natanz and Fordow sites.
    • Provide IAEA access to centrifuge assembly, production and storage facilities.
    • Provide design information for Arak reactor.

    What world powers offer in return

    • Not impose new nuclear-related sanctions for six months
    • Suspend some sanctions on gold and precious metals, cars and petrochemical exports, potentially       providing Iran approximately $1.5 billion.
    • Allow purchases of Iranian oil at their current levels.
    • License safety-related repairs and inspections inside Iran for certain Iranian airlines.
    • Allow $400m in governmental tuition assistance to be transferred from restricted funds directly to     educational institutions in third countries to defray the tuition costs of Iranian students.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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